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What are our cookware

We are working on the pot, utensil, pans for cooking. High quality and good service have met with a favorable reception in overseas market.

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Product By Material

  • Silicone
  • stainless steel baking tools
    Stainless Steel
  • Wooden baking tool

Wide Range Of Product Selections

Product cover range of full line of Kitchen Tool.


Latest Project

Non-stick Egg Pancake Pan
High Quality:  Non-stick, abrasion-resistant and durable, heat insulation and anti-scalding.
Practical to Use: Intelligent temperature control and the premium bottom, not sticky bottom can be used for most stoves.
Wide Application: Can be used to make omelets, burger, features 4 compartments to make cooking quick and easy.
Cast Iron cooking pot

Multi-Functional Use: fry, bake, braise, stew.

High Quality: Cast Iron, Stainless steel

Self- Circulation: Promoting the uniform condensation of the original flavor of food forms a steam cycle, making the good tasty, tender, juicy.


Silicone Pot Handle Lid

High Quality: Food grade silicone, heat resistant, tempered glass.

Multi-Size: Fit for different size of pot

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